mold remediation st louis mo insurance tips

Due to these recent mold cases, many insurance policies have included a “mold exclusion” to their insurance policies. If you are lucky enough to have an earlier policy that doesn’t have a mold exclusion, you should hang onto it. The mold exclusion clauses are making it tough to get coverage for mold. You can often only get mold coverage as a stand-alone policy, and it carries high premiums. You can get it as an add-on to your existing policy as well, but it is often expensive. However, there are other ways to deal with mold – including mold remediation st. louis mo!


All of mold problems can be avoided with the assistance of professionals that specialize in mold removal st. louis. They thoroughly clean the home or property of all mold traces. Sadly, many people get to know about the adverse effects of mold growth within their living areas after already suffering health issues triggered by it. It is advisable for property owners to inspect their living spaces so that as soon as there are any signs of mold growth, they can seek the services of remediation specialists. It is a simple way of dealing with the situation before suffering.


If mold takes hold in your home and causes damage, you may find that your home loses some of the value that you have been working hard to build. Of the over 100,000 kinds of mold, a significant proportion have been identified as highly toxic to humans. In addition, depending on the extent of your problem, mold removal can be quite costly and, unfortunately, not all insurance plans will cover the cost of the removal of mold.

The costs also depend on whether the mold attacks the substructure of your home including the walls, floors, ceilings and roof. Obviously, if you have to pull down wallpaper and drywall or replace your hardwood flooring, you’re going to have a more expensive job than if you simply need to replace your soaked carpet. To preserve the value of your home, have your house tested for mold and take appropriate actions. This will also help to preserve the health and safety of both your family and yourself. For these reasons and more, it is always in your best interests to pursue a mold inspection st louis. if you suspect you have a mold problem. If you are considering selling your home, this is especially critical because if a prospective buyer finds mold during the escrow mandated inspections, mold remediation can delay or nullify the sale.


Mold testing specialists have been trained to scrutinize and test the air and the structure of your home to see if mold is present. If the mold testing specialist finds that mold is, in fact, present in your house, his next task is to determine exactly what type of mold it is and at what concentration it exists in your environment. Next, the specialist must determine the mold’s exact location and probable cause. Your home can only be certified as free of mold if all mold is eradicated and since mold is usually caused by excessive moisture, the source of this moisture must be found. Whether the source is as simple as a high level of humidity in the house in general or as complex as an unseen leak that is allowing excessive moisture to enter your house, locating the source of the moisture is the key to keeping your house mold free in the future.


In conclusion, mold removal can be simple or complicated. Trying to save money using Handyman Services is not the answer. They are not trained and certified Mold Remediators. Always check with the Indoor Air Quality Association for a Certified Mold Remediator before hiring a contractor to remove the mold. Ask to see their credentials and check with the provider of the credentials to see if they are up to date on their education requirements.


When considering mold removal st louis residents can learn more about this procedure at or Call Pride Cleaning & Restoration at 314.664.8844 or 618-288-2828!

Property Insurance – Are You Experiencing A Raccoon Infestation?

raccoon problems

Did Someone Say Raccoon Problems?

Those adorable little hands are used to tear at your roof’s shingles in order to gain access to the attic. Not only is this a late night disturbance, because raccoons are nocturnal, but it’s bad for your roof, too. They’ll also take advantage of an open garage, an abandoned car, or they’ll try to build a home under your deck.

The major problem is that raccoons can carry parasites and viruses. For instance, most raccoons carry roundworms. Roundworm eggs can remain living in the feces and can be transmitted to humans by contact. Additionally, a good percentage of urban raccoons are carriers of the rabies virus which can also be transmitted to humans through bites and scratches. Urban Raccoons like to reside in the metro east – call Raccoon Removal Mascoutah : (618)-391-0321!

Raccoons may be sneaky smart and strong, but there are measures you can take to prevent them from invading your home and making a mess out of your garbage. Here are the steps we at Frontier Wildlife Control encourage customers to take so the nuisance of raccoons is kept to a minimum if not removed entirely.

Proper Home Maintenance

For most people, their house is their largest investment. Harsh weather can take a toll on a home making huge renovations out of what would have been minor repairs. Regularly inspecting your home for damages is one of the best ways to prevent raccoons from getting in and making their own costly brand of damages.

Tips For Raccoon Control

  • Regularly trim vegetation and tree branches away from roofs to prevent raccoons easy access. Determined raccoons can climb about anything, but making it harder for them can make it less likely that they will attempt the break in.
  • Wildlife proof potential access points like vents, soffits, plumbing mats, and roof edges.
  • Quickly spot and repair damaged areas to save money in the long run. Rotted areas of roofs make digging to the attic much easier for raccoons.

Massage Therapy & Health Care

Massage Therapy

Eating nutritious food is never enough to keep your health in balance, aside from physical exercises, doctors and therapists often advise their clients to give themselves a massage once in a while for a total relaxation. Investing in massage therapy has proved to be an effective method in managing stress as it helps in decreasing fatigue and anxiety. It also helps in improving one’s sleeping condition and mind concentration. As the muscles in the body are exercised and stretched, the body circulation is also improved as the flow of the oxygen is straightened up letting the nutrients flow freely into tissues and other vital organs. Aside from that, atrophied or overused muscles are relaxed giving one’s self a feeling of dexterity and agility.

Massage Therapy & Health Insurance

Many people completely overlook massage therapy as an option either due to the cost involved or because they consider it a luxury and not something they should be indulging in. It is time to change this thinking. While you may not be able to afford a massage each week, treating yourself once a month can be a great way to pamper your body and do your health good. Plus, various health care plans do cover this type of treatment, so be sure to look into your care plan to see what coverage you have

Types of Massages

Know that there are different kinds of massage techniques that you may give yourself depending on your needs. The most common type is the Swedish massage for general body relaxation. However, if you are someone who is suffering from an accident or trauma, or someone who has undergone a surgery or stroke, you may give yourself a rehab massage which is specifically intended for these cases. This kind of bodywork can actually speed up the recovery rate of the individual.

On the other hand, if you want to improve your visceral system, which includes the heart, liver, and small and large intestines, you may request for a visceral manipulation to be performed on you. Having this would actually help you relieve from physical and mental stress and can increase your body’s resistance from terminal diseases. You can also have a cranio-sacral therapy, a body work that is particularly developed for the improvement of the brain and spinal cord. Myofacial release and zero balancing are also available to regain yourself the body balance that you have. The former focusing on the facial system while the latter is on the body structure.

Massage therapies are not only intended for normal and adult people. Some techniques were also developed for kids and individuals whose mental and emotional ability is not stable. If you want to know more about the benefits of massage therapies, click the link below:

Benefits to Video Marketing for Insurance

video marketing

Have you noticed seeing a lot more videos on Facebook lately? Not only have there been a plethora of Facebook LIVE videos, but I’ve also been seeing a trend of videos made from simple animations or static inspirational images with music added.

All because Facebook has declared video to be something people want to watch more than any other form of content. This is especially true if you own an insurance business in St. Louis.

Then there’s the popularity of YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram’s video platforms and capabilities that makes using video hard to ignore in today’s business marketing landscape.

The good news is, with the advancement of technology over the past few years, you no longer need to do all this on your own. You can hire an affordable professional company to help with your video marketing.

Think it is not worth your time hiring a professional? Take a look at some of these Video Marketing stats:

* A Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a photo.

* 73% of Business-to-Business marketers say video positively impacts their marketing return on investment.

* According to CISCO, 80% of all consumer internet traffic will come from videos by 2020.

* 10 billion videos are watched on Snapchat every day.

* More than 500 million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day

* A Facebook video receives, on average, 135% more organic reach than a post with just a photo.

* On Twitter, videos are 6 times more likely to be retweeted than photos and 3 times more likely than GIFs

* Companies that use video in their online marketing efforts have been known to grow their revenues 49% faster.

* Businesses who use videos in their marketing enjoy a 27% higher Click Through Rate (CTR) and 34% higher web conversion rates than those which don’t (Aberdeen Group, 2015).

Pretty impressive, wouldn’t you say? Check out https://GetMoreClients.Pro to see some of their video marketing options for insurance companies or any business!


By incorporating video marketing into your business and social media marketing in St. Louis, you can take advantage of the following benefits:

  1. Increase Your Target Market’s Confidence in You

Since trust is what relationship marketing is built upon, videos make a perfect fit to developing your target market’s confidence with your business offerings.

Because you want to create the “Know, Like and Trust” factor with your ideal client, there is nothing better than having your smiling face be in front of that market in order for them to see your personality, understand your level of expertise, and get an instant impression of you that will lead them quicker to purchase.

  1. Boost Your Search Engine Rankings

Because people tend to stay on your site’s web page longer by watching a video, the search engine’s algorithms are interpreting that to mean your site is worthwhile. This will in turn boost your SEO rankings.

According to Moovly, your chances are 53x’s greater to be higher up in Google’s search results if your website or blog post includes a video.That coupled with Google’s ownership of YouTube, your chances of getting higher rankings are increased when your videos are also housed there.

  1. Gain a Higher Social Media Reach

Getting more people to like, comment and share your posts on Facebook has been an increasing challenge for business owners. The good news is, video has been a shining beacon of hope where 76% of users say they are apt to share entertaining videos on social media.

If you make an effort to create fun and entertaining videos, this will increase your brand exposure and will, in turn, bring more attention to your business in an indirect way.

  1. Enjoy Higher Website Conversions

Video marketing studies show that 74% of users who watched a video explaining or demonstrating a product ended up making the purchase.

So by simply adding a video to your sales or free giveaway page, you should see a significant increase in people signing up for your offering.


Secrets to Auto Insurance

auto insurance
Many drivers rely on good faith and may not expect to be forced to sue their auto insurance company in order to receive payment for expenses resulting from a car accident. Typically, most just want to have their car repaired and their medical bills paid. Take care of yourself and your vehicle by understanding these secrets to auto insurance. You can take you vehicle a step further by investing in great car detailing. You can learn more about auto detailing here:

1. Many restrictions and limitations are buried in your policy’s fine print

Knowing how to read and understand the fine print of auto insurance policies is not an easy task. Auto accident lawyers have seen far too many people lose out on important benefits because they were unaware of important filing requirements buried in their policies.


2. Insurance agents don’t always recommend the best coverage

Following a car accident, there can be numerous issues and challenges navigating health insurance plans, managed care plans, retirement plans such as ERISA, and coordinated/uncoordinated policies. In addition, insurance agents may avoid mentioning important coverage options and applicable discounts due to payout losses or lower premiums that reduce their commissions.

Many people choose to carry more insurance coverage so they will not be personally liable if they cause a serious car accident. However, some people only pay the minimum insurance premium to renew their license plate each year, and then let the auto insurance lapse. Without an uninsured/underinsured motorist policy, a driver or family members severely injured by an uninsured motorist will have no source of legal recovery for their injuries other than filing a lawsuit against the uninsured driver for his or her personal assets. Most people do not have sufficient personal net worth to compensate a person that they have seriously injured.


3. Accident Settlement Offers Are Always Too Low

Imagine you just suffered devastating injuries from a car accident and are now recuperating at home, in pain, and worrying about how you are going to pay your bills. An insurance agent knocks on your door with a check for $100,000 for your accident. With the emotional and physical trauma following a car or truck crash, a large amount of money sounds great, and some victims rush into accepting the first settlement offer. Yet determining the value of an auto accident case goes far beyond a simple calculation of injury type, future expenses not covered by no-fault insurance and the wrongdoer’s policy limit. Offering to settle is essentially a backdoor approach by insurance companies to saving litigation costs at the expense of an accident victim’s right to a full recovery.


4. Releases and Recorded Statements Are Pushed Early On to Overwhelm Accident Victims

Many victims rush into signing adjusters’ documents without having the language reviewed by an auto accident lawyer, believing these are just basic verification of the accident. Therefore, they may lose their right to sue a negligent driver for accident-related injuries. Claims adjusters often try to get recorded statements early, aiming to minimize the victim’s pain and injuries for later use in court. Even vehicle damage releases can contain unrelated language that can jeopardize your other claims.




Methods of Insurance

methods of insurance

Several Simple methods For Choosing Insurance Leads

To buy insurance leads, you should find a minimum of five agencies that sell insurance leads, check if the leads are non-exclusive or exclusive, evaluate the various fees, decide how frequent and how many leads you might purchase, go over the agency’s return scheme, and find out how the points will be transferred to your account. Never be afraid to ask questions.

Leads are considered the lifeblood of several enterprises and the same applies to insurance agencies. Health Insurance Leads are one tool for making sure that the firm has a secure method of generating profits. There are several methods to get insurance leads, and one of the most efficient ones is to acquire them from a lead generating organization. In case you are wondering the best way to get insurance leads, below are some approaches you can follow:

Find a minimum of five businesses that market insurance leads

Try to look for businesses that sell insurance leads by looking at listings online. Find out as much as you can concerning the corporation’s reputation and the quality of their leads and service. This can be done by reading assessments or feedback from previous clientele.

Check if the leads are nonexclusive or exclusive

Once you have a list of companies, you could start sorting them regarding whether the leads they provide are exclusive or non-exclusive. Exclusive insurance leads are generated for and available exclusively to only one customer while non-exclusive leads are made available to more than one of the firm’s client.

Review the different fees

One more factor that you should think about before selecting which corporation to acquire leads from is the cost of their products. Be sure that you are conscious of down payment prices that you may be asked to pay. Be wary of lead companies that impose expensive down payment rates, as they might be purposely asking for large advance payments but sell you poor-quality leads. Exclusive leads which are made within a 24-hour period are usually more expensive. On the other hand, while leads generated in two days are cheaper, they may be more challenging to convert to sales. Bear in mind that buying a bigger volume of leads can lower the price for every individual lead.

Decide how frequent and how many leads you will purchase

Several insurance lead companies demand that their customers obtain a minimum number of leads per month. Make sure you already have an idea of how much you are willing to acquire so that you will not end up obtaining greater than you need. Check the quality of the leads and the services of an enterprise that requires you to get a minimum of 10 leads at a time.

Check out the company’s return policy

Make sure you are aware of the company’s profit scheme for bad leads. You might need to ask the lead company if they have a restriction for accepting bad lead claims every week or once a month. Many lead insurance providers will allow up to 15% of bad lead claims each month.

Learn how the leads will be transferred to your account

Know what the means of delivery for the points you buy will be. The most popular ways of delivering leads are via e-mail once the payment is made.

Although it sounds luring to purchase insurance leads for affordable, you should not make your buy based on cost alone. Always consider the quality and reputation of the company that you are buying leads from.


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Insurance Risk Management

insurance risk management 1

Various Business Insurance Policies That Help With Risk Management

-Insurance Risk Management

-What type of insurance needs does your business have? Below you will find a brief explanation of different types of insurance protection for your business.

Asset Protection:

Asset Protection provides insurance coverage for the premise of your business, equipment, vehicles and contents as well as business equipment. As with all insurance policies, there are different policies that are in effect for different assets. Your liability insurance might cover certain assets such as the premise and equipment used to do business but will need a separate asset policy plan to protect your vehicles and their contents from theft or accidents such as fire or flood.

Key Person Insurance:

When it comes to small businesses most often the loss of one key staff member could be devastating to the overall business activity. In most cases, this refers to the owner of the small business. If the business is wrapped around the owner’s skills and abilities without that key person, the business will be drastically affected. The revenue will decrease, and the value of the business most likely collapses as well. With insurance covering the businesses key person, partners and shareholders are covered from an overwhelming loss.

Product Liability:

Product Liability insurance is purchased to cover legal actions sought to collect from death, injury or damage that has been caused by the product that your business produces. A special add-on policy to your product liability insurance is recalled liability which covers losses that happen when a product is recalled.

Professional Indemnity:

If you are in the business of offering professional advice, indemnity insurance can be purchased to provide personal protection against claims arising from your advice. Professional Indemnity is usually purchased by providers of medical and legal advice as well as financial institutions as well as contractors.

Public Liability:

If you or one of your employees is liable for injury, death, damage or negligence to a third party on the premise of the business public liability insurance will cover you from financial claims to your business. If an employee causes an accident on the site, you will be covered from liability with this type of insurance. It is also important if someone is hurt on your premises, public liability insurance will help with legal fees as well as settlement costs.

Revenue Protection:

Revenue protection covers you if there is a disruption in business leaving you unable to protected against loss of revenue in situations such as floods, fires, earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Workers’ Compensation:

This is the coverage that will protect your employees as well as you from hardship financially if injured while working or a work related injury that has developed over time.

Risk Management:

Insuring your business is one part of planning for the adventures that can help when you own your own business. The other part is preventing, managing and reducing the risks in your business.

Asset Maintenance:

Take care of your business assets, including machinery, vehicles, and office equipment.

Computer and Data Loss:

This includes backing data up on a regular schedule, supplying surge protectors and preventing the installation of software or data until it is checked for viruses.

Premise Maintenance:

Regular inspections and maintenance of the building and areas throughout the building will create a safer environment. This includes the interior and exterior of the building.

Security Risks:

Adding an alarm system and entry access systems are a few ways to detour the wrong people from accessing your business.

Theft and Fraud:

Security cameras, regular inventory and a system of checks and balances with all finances will help prevent theft internally as well as from external sources.

Concluding, insurance is a tough decision for a business. We are trying to make it easier on you.


Please, come back to the website soon! If you have any questions, visit our contact page. We are here to help you out.

Modern Insurance Era

modern insurance era 1



What is it? What influence this era? When and what do you need to know?

Ever since the agricultural society-era began,

the world has been on a constant journey of evolution and advancement. Over time the economies of the world have been evolving and even though there have been increases in things like the revenue, economies and businesses have become excessively volatile as well. Although there have been created various organizations and institutes dedicated to ensuring economic stability, there are a large number of risks and uncertainties as well to battle which economics has come up with many techniques and strategies for risk mitigation for example speculation. Money consideration influences all serious decision making. As the world saw in the 1930s at the time of the Great Depression, the American economy badly collapsed leading to countrywide shortages and the creation of a large gap between demand and supply.

Similar to the previous times,

the economic decisions and transactions are pretty uncertain making not only the overall economies volatile but each person’s economic decisions as well. A way that was created to overcome these risks and uncertainties was named Insurance and over time has become a specialized and widespread industry. It is meant to help people first and foremost with their funds. Moreover, it is to ease the stresses of life by knowing you are ensured.

In simple words, insurance is a way of minimizing financial loss.

In strictly economic terms, insurance involves the concepts of hedging against a given time in the future to overcome risks and uncertainties. As the modern businesses and economies evolved, the insurance industry grew and evolved as well due to the increasing risks and uncertainties. What probably began as a simple process, the modern insurance era involves providing insurances for a variety of reasons and situations which include life, cargo, death, property, accident and medical insurance.

Insurance takes the economic concept of risk and uncertainty and gives it a manifestation in the average person’s day to day lives.

It is providing them with maximum security and comfort with regard to financial loss in their life. An insurance can be acquired for the most smallest of reasons because of the expansion of the insurance industry into different areas of life. The insurance industry is not only dedicated to helping people and even businesses and organizations mitigate their economic risks and uncertainties, the insurance industry itself is quite profitable and provides a large amount of employment for many educated individuals.

Simply put, life itself is full of uncertainties and challenges at every turn and every step.

However, one must be as cautious and careful as possible to ensure maximum amount of safety in not just the literal sense of the world but the economic sense as well which the modern insurance era aids in tremendously. Insurance is helpful when caring people who work for these agencies offer compassionate understanding. These agencies need to be straightforward about what their agency covers. Too often people get greedy and good things happen to bad people.



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Looking for Help with Your Web Design in Edwardsville?

Vinnie Mac web design edwardsville

Web Design Assistance:

Vinnie Mac Is Proud To Provide The Local Web Design Edwardsville Residents Trust

Vinnie Mac proudly offers the local website design Edwardsville residents can rely on. The key to success in any online market is having an attractive website that’s intuitive, easy to navigate and a pleasure to use. With extensive experience in web development and design, Vinnie Mac can help you with all aspects of these endeavors. From choosing the right host, finding a standout domain name and setting up your pages for optimal user experience, Vinnie Mac can expertly handle it all.

Why Use Vinnie Mac For Your Web Design Needs

In addition to offering all-inclusive web design services, Vinnie Mac offers highly competitive rates and flexible and adaptable plans that are suitable to a broad range of business and personal needs. Moreover, when working with Vinnie Mac, you can get the services for web design Edwardsville locals are using to connect with a broad range of consumers – whether their audiences are connecting via laptops and computers or small, hand-held devices like mobile phones and tablets. You can rest assured that your online sales platform will be both viable and accessible on each of these mediums so that you can be found local customers no matter how they’re searching for businesses like yours.

Scalable Solutions That Will Grow With You

Another major benefit of using Vinnie Mac for your web design needs is the ability to get scalable solutions that will grow and evolve right along with your developing business. As your site traffic increases and your hosting needs change, Vinnie Mac will ensure that your website continues to function exactly as it should. Best of all, the professional services and solutions that Vinnie Mac provides will additionally ensure that your site is laid out and coded correctly from the ground up. This will simplify the search engine optimization process and make it infinitely easy to register your site and push it to the top of search results pages.

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